InternationalAcademic Staff

Academic Degree: Master of Philosophy in Managerial Economics (MPhil)

Research interests: intellectual capital management, global competitiveness, management board performance, capital and financial markets, international finance, corporate financial management, mergers and acquisitions. 

Courses: economy, finance 

Papers published:

1.      ‘’Intellectual capital as strategic element in knowledge based management for building competitive advantage position in market’’, WSP, Warsaw 2010.

2.      ‘’The influence of intellectual capital to stock market performance in Baltic countries during financial crisis’’, Current Issues in Economic and Management Sciences, International Conference for Doctoral Students, University of Latvia, Riga, November 2011, ISBN 978-9984-45-418-4.

3.      ‘’The intellectual capital valuation and impact of European debt turmoil into the local stock exchanges: case of Poland and Czech Republic’’, International Masaryk Conference for Ph.D. students and young researchers, Magnanimitas, The Czech Republic, December 2011, ISBN 978-80-904877-7-2.

4.      ‘’Summer Gains’’, Business Finance, Poland Monthly No.63, 05/2007, p.32

5.      ‘’Getting Crowded…’’, Business Finance, Poland Monthly No.65, 07/2007, p.14

6.      ‘’Getting Liberal’’, Business Finance, Poland Monthly No.66, 08/2007, p.32

7.      ‘’Making a Bet on Euro 2012’’, Business Finance, Poland Monthly No.67, 09/2007, p.30

Research Projects

  1. ‘’Relationship of Intellectual Capital valuation and stock market performance among European clusters’’, Global Business: Connecting professionals conference, School of Marketing and International Management in Deventer and School of Business Engineering and Entrepreneurship in Enschede, Netherland, March 2012.
  2. ‘’Incentives methods in human resource management at managerial level’’ International Conference ‘’Personal Organization Strategy’’, WSP, Warsaw 2007.
  3. ‘’Financial Advisory Market in Poland’’, Warsaw University, Faculty of Management, Warsaw 2008.
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