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UNIVERSITY OF PROMOTION (WSP) aims at educating highly qualified specialists, giving them sound theoretical knowledge and advanced, professional skills, corresponding to expectations of the labour market. We create mobile and flexible professionals, apt at reacting to new possibilities of employment. Our educational goal is best described by the Academy's motto " CONSILIO MANUQUE" (WITH PRUDENCE AND ADROITNESS).

Education at University of Promotion is based on original programmes and study plans designed for individual specialisations. The nine-year experience in education, changes in the Polish academic education system and new demands on the labour market, caused the modification of programmes and study plans. The fundamental idea of these changes is to, on the one hand eliminate information which may be irrelevant from the employer's point of view and on the other hand, make the process of education tailor made for the needs of each individual student. Regular Daily Studies consist of 2205 hours. Extramural Courses consist of 1299 hours, following the same plan as the Regular Daily Studies.

University of Promotion is currently the only academy in Warsaw (including State universities), providing the evening and extramural students 80% of class hours available to regular day students. The University dutifully executes its programme. Despite the larger number of hours, payments are comparable to other colleges.

The academic programme for both specialisations is being executed starting from the more general issues and gradually concentrating on the details. In the first three semesters of education we focus mainly on general subjects, laying strong foundations for future professional education. In subsequent semesters detailed information is added to enhance specialised knowledge in the given subjects.

The academic programme mainly involves classes and seminars. The more specialised the courses are the more practical the classes become. The most specialised classes and seminars are available in the last three semesters, once undergraduates have decided on their specialisations. Not only the diploma seminars, but also all other classes are mainly practical. The educational aim of University of Promotion is to effectively prepare future graduates for work in their chosen professions. A properly constructed programme, a large quantity of practical specialisation classes, our highly qualified members of staff with hands on experience in the fields of Advertising and Human Resources Management, as well as internships for our undergraduates at renown companies all contribute to the achievement of this aim.

Our graduates are therefore well prepared to take up jobs in their professions. They will have also acquired skills needed to change to a different profession in related branches. We also ensure that our students have conditions essential for the process of acquiring knowledge to take place, including motivation for those who need extra stimuli to learn effectively.

WSP Graduate is prepared for taking the job in educated occupation right after finishing the University.

Tutorials at WSP are in the form of lectures, classes, seminars, language courses and workshops. Forms of classes are adapted to particular subjects and the skills taught. Students can also attend regular consultations with lecturers. A modern teaching programme concentrated on practical skills cannot be implemented without the necessary facilities, including appliances which the student will have to use once employed.

Precisely due to this fact, state- of the- art equipment is employed at each stage of the teaching process. Apart from equipment such as: computers, TV sets, VCR's, cassette recorders, CD players, OHP's, and photocopiers we also use professional equipment like: scanners, video cameras, mini discs, sound amplifiers and sound location systems, sound mixers, professional photo equipment, including digital cameras and an studio.

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