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Poland is one of the biggest countries of the European Union and the fastest developing country in this commonwealth. Warsaw is the capital of Poland, with 3.000.000 inhabitants, and a large academic and cultural centre on the map of Europe.
Promotion, Media & Show Business University in Warsaw was established in 2000 and provides academic education on the first (BA studies) and second (MA studies) level in the faculty of management.
The University aims at educating highly qualified specialists, giving them sound theoretical knowledge and advanced, professional skills, corresponding to expectations of the labor market. We create mobile and flexible professionals, apt at reacting to new possibilities of employment. Our educational goal is best described by the University's Latin motto “Consilio Manuque” (with prudence and adroitness).
Education at our University is based on original programs and study plans designed for individual specializations. The 16-year experience in education, thorough research and flexible attitude to changes allows us to eliminate range of knowledge and skills which may be irrelevant for the future labor market and make the process of education tailor made for the needs of each individual student.

The campus
Good conditions for studying are our priority. We believe that it is especially important to a private college to provide adequate social amenities for its students. That is why we are situated in the most central building in Warsaw, The Palace of Culture and Science with all the necessary facilities and versatile rooms. The building has high-speed lifts carrying up to 120 people at one time.
All classes are held at our headquarters. This guarantees convenient transport to all commuters from all parts of the capital (a 3-minute walk from the Warsaw Central Station, 3-minute walt from the Undergound Central Station, busses and trams). The Universitiy has rooms for lectures (up to 120 students) and classes (25 classrooms). There are also three snack bars in the building, where students can get something to eat. This particular location gives an excellent opportunity to lead a rich social life with numerous clubs, cinemas, theatres, muzeums, shops, and the like in the vicinity of our University. Only the physical education classes are conducted in nearby sport facilities.
The University also has at its disposal a fully equipped photographic studio with professional Sinar F1 camera, a recording studio, with complete sound application software, suitable for recording advertising and musical material, as well as cameras and a stand for digital film processing. The Academy's library has a collection of over 7.000 books.

Class organisation
Regular daily studies classes are provided from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Optional classes and physical education classes are run in the afternoon. Lectures are not compulsory.
The University prepares and conducts many optional classes for students, including workshops focused on improving effectiveness of learning. We also host regular meetings with branch representatives or specialists in related fields which are of interest to the students. The optional classdes are free of charge.
Classes (workshops) are conducted in fairly small groups up to 25 students. This facilitates the creation of optimum learning conditions and makes room for individual differences in the speed of learning. It also makes it possible to adapt teaching methods to the needs of each group.

Our education idea
The academic program is executed starting from the more general issues and gradually concentrating on the details. In the first two semesters of education we focus mainly on general management faculty subjects, laying strong foundations for future professional education. The subsequent two semesters provide knowledge and skills aimed at the communication profile of the University. The last two semesters are the specialized training within the course of the specialization chosen by the student. The more specialized the courses are, the more practical the classes become. The most specialized classes and seminars are available in the last two semesters, once students have decided on their specializations. A properly constructed program, a large quantity of practical specialization classes, our highly qualified members of staff with hands on experience in the fields of Advertising, Multimedia Design, Social Media and Human Resources Management contribute to the achievement of this aim. Our graduates are therefore well prepared to take up jobs in their professions. They will have also acquired skills needed to change to a different profession in related branches. We also ensure that our students have conditions essential for the process of acquiring knowledge to take place, including motivation for those who need extra stimuli to learn effectively.

Our international BA program
Our Management BA daily studies program is provided in English. The program lasts 3 years (6 semesters) and is addressed to secondary school graduates from all over the world who have gained at least intermediate level of English skills both oral and in writing. The studies are realized according to standards necessary for gaining the Polish (European) title of bachelor in the faculty of management. They are dominated by professionally profiled subjects in one of the specializations: Advertising, Multimedia Design, Social Media and Human Resources Management.
The candidates are required to participate in an on-line interview in English. The date and time of the interview is arranged individually for each candidate.

Forms of studies
Education at our University takes the form of lectures, classes, seminars, language courses and workshops. Forms of courses are adapted to particular subjects and the skills taught. Students can also attend regular consultations with lecturers. A modern teaching program concentrated on practical skills cannot be implemented without the necessary facilities, including appliances which the student will have to use once employed.

Teaching staff
Tutorials at the University are conducted by over a 100 lecturers, including majority of professors and doctors. The University staff are specialists who are actively involved in their professional fields and are hence responsible for implementing professional training.

Quality evaluation
High quality of education is the University is our primary concern. In 2016 the University has been positively accredited by the Polish Accreditation Commission and the accreditation is valid till 2023.

Unique specializations
Our University stands out among other colleges also because it offers a wide range of interesting specialities guaranteeing future employment. In our international program we offer specializations: “Advertising”, “Multimedia Design”, “Social Media” and “Human Resources Management”. New specializations are created, according to the students interests and labour market needs.

The Advertising specialization is specifically designed for future employees of advertising agencies, the media and marketing departments of various corporations. The program focuses on promotion planning, advertisement creation, media planning and customer service.

Multimedia Design
A specialization for computer graphic designers, DTP operators, picture and sound technicians, communication applications designers. This interdisciplinary and innovative specialization curriculum combines studies in artistic image composition, the use of software for image and sound management as well as the creation of original IT communication systems.

Social Media
A specialization for new forms of communication specialists. Include the technology, procedure and content creation for the contemporary communication channels (including social media). It is supposed to educate specialists to manage communication in the field of new media emerging on the market.

Human Resources Management
The Human Resources Management specialization is intended for prospective managers, HR department employees, professional counselors and trainers. The program gives qualifications in the fields of recruitment and selection, development of incentive systems, organization of coaching and training, HR management and planning.

Having a good time
Students at Promotion, Media & Show Business University in Warsaw have a rich social life. Regular cabaret evenings are a tradition. We also hold several indoor and outdoor music and dancing events. Our students organize the sporta and cultural events, help actors collect money for the oldest Warsaw cemetery monuments and take active part in many other events.

The payment for the studies in Promotion, Media & Show Business University in Warsaw include the introductory payment (100 Euro), paid at the level of recruitment (after the recruitment interview – only in the case of positive result) and payment for each academic year (2.500 Euro per year) paid in advance by June 15th (in the case of new students – the payment is due after the recruitment decision and before issuing all the documents necessary to start studying).

Course offer

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