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Our University stands out among other colleges also because it offers a wide range of interesting specialities guaranteeing future employment. In our international program we offer specializations: “Advertising”, “Multimedia Design”, “Social Media” and “Human Resources Management”. New specializations are created, according to the students interests and labour market needs.

The Advertising specialization is specifically designed for future employees of advertising agencies, the media and marketing departments of various corporations. The program focuses on promotion planning, advertisement creation, media planning and customer service.

Multimedia Design
A specialization for computer graphic designers, DTP operators, picture and sound technicians, communication applications designers. This interdisciplinary and innovative specialization curriculum combines studies in artistic image composition, the use of software for image and sound management as well as the creation of original IT communication systems.

Social Media

A specialization for new forms of communication specialists. Include the technology, procedure and content creation for the contemporary communication channels (including social media). It is supposed to educate specialists to manage communication in the field of new media emerging on the market.

Human Resources Management

The Human Resources Management specialization is intended for prospective managers, HR department employees, professional counselors and trainers. The program gives qualifications in the fields of recruitment and selection, development of incentive systems, organization of coaching and training, HR management and planning.

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