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The academic program is executed starting from the more general issues and gradually concentrating on the details. In the first two semesters of education we focus mainly on general management faculty subjects, laying strong foundations for future professional education. The subsequent two semesters provide knowledge and skills aimed at the communication profile of the University. The last two semesters are the specialized training within the course of the specialization chosen by the student. The more specialized the courses are, the more practical the classes become. The most specialized classes and seminars are available in the last two semesters, once students have decided on their specializations. A properly constructed program, a large quantity of practical specialization classes, our highly qualified members of staff with hands on experience in the fields of Advertising, Multimedia Design, Social Media and Human Resources Management contribute to the achievement of this aim. Our graduates are therefore well prepared to take up jobs in their professions. They will have also acquired skills needed to change to a different profession in related branches. We also ensure that our students have conditions essential for the process of acquiring knowledge to take place, including motivation for those who need extra stimuli to learn effectively.

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