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Poland is one of the biggest countries of the European Union and the fastest developing country in this commonwealth. Warsaw is the capital of Poland, with 3.000.000 inhabitants, and a large academic and cultural centre on the map of Europe.
Promotion, Media & Show Business University in Warsaw was established in 2000 and provides academic education on the first (BA studies) and second (MA studies) level in the faculty of management.
The University aims at educating highly qualified specialists, giving them sound theoretical knowledge and advanced, professional skills, corresponding to expectations of the labor market. We create mobile and flexible professionals, apt at reacting to new possibilities of employment. Our educational goal is best described by the University's Latin motto “Consilio Manuque” (with prudence and adroitness).
Education at our University is based on original programs and study plans designed for individual specializations. The 16-year experience in education, thorough research and flexible attitude to changes allows us to eliminate range of knowledge and skills which may be irrelevant for the future labor market and make the process of education tailor made for the needs of each individual student.

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